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INZI Controls has maintained sustainable growth for nearly 40 years through localization of major automotive parts
Newcomer Recruitment Process

  • 01Accepting application forms
    Applicants shall submit application forms online before deadline.
  • 02Review
    Applicants generally evaluate qualification, experience, and passion of each applicant based on the information and Statement of Support included in the application forms.
  • 031st interview (working level)
    Applicants are interviewed to evaluate their abilities, passion, strategic thinking skills, working skills, and personalities.
  • 04Aptitude test
    We evaluate individual abilities, qualities, and traits using the scientific tools of statistical probability for general evaluation of each applicant’s potentials.
  • 052nd interview (executive interview),)
    This is the in-depth interview of applicants who pass the 1st interview (working level) to evaluate their personalities, future potentials, and value.
  • 06Final decision
    Those who pass the 2nd interview (working level) enter INZI Controls as newcomers and are assigned to OJT and mentors to help them with company life.