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INZI Controls has maintained sustainable growth for nearly 40 years through localization of major automotive parts
Leadership Capacity Training
An organization’s size is proportionate to the size of its leader who serves as a torchlight leading the followers.
INZI Controls offer various leadership capacity training programs, including leadership training, training for each position, and online communication training.
- Leadership training / Training for each position / Online communication training
INZI Controls Training
These programs develop global leaders and INZI’s manpower ready for challenge, consideration, and learning and help the company and its members to pursue a common goal.
- Entry Training for Newcomers / Entry Training for Experienced Employees / Internal Foreign Language Training / Phone English
On-the-Job Training
Believing that the capacity of members is the capacity of the company, we are offering on-the-job training both online and offline for professional development.
- Outside On-the-Job Training & Seminars / Online Training / Internal On-the-Job Training