About Us

INZI Controls’ advanced innovative technology is here for the future of convenience, safety, and pleasure all mankind dreams.

INZI Controls has maintained sustainable growth for nearly 40 years through localization of major automotive parts
Year Established
Factories (Korea/Abroad)
3 in Korea, 8 Abroad
Automotive parts
Global Networks
11 factories in 6 countries worldwide
Cooling system parts
Functional parts that maintain the appropriate temperature of engine and secured competitiveness in the world with the thermostat, water, temp control, etc.
Engine Management System Parts
The parts that control various functions for smooth operation of engine and we produce high-functional, high-technology products for fuel control, engine knocking detection, and collection of non-combusted gas to export to motor makers in Europe and North America.
These parts sense or control the temperature, pressure, speed, and position of each automotive system and we produce about 30 kinds of sensors and switches. In particular, we are expanding the production of high-technology sensors using semiconductors.
Engineering Plastic Parts
We are replacing automotive parts with plastic parts to reduce the weight of cars and save the cost of fuel and production and expanding the development of high-technology products to endure heat and shock, such as cylinder head cover, fuel delivery pipe, and thermostat housing.